Does Flying Axes Club Serve Alcohol? Can I Drink Beer?

Axe-throwing is one of the most popular sports where the patrons hit a target in an attempt to hit the bullseye.

This sport has gained much popularity and is played by many across the globe, especially Canada and the USA.

People enjoy throwing axes at the target with a beer or other drink in their hand and just relax.

There are many clubs and league venues who have been offering this sport with a prime setup where people enjoy a little bit of escape.

The Myth

Despite the popularity of this sport since the past few years, some people consider it inappropriate to play with an axe while holding a glass of beer or alcohol in their hand.

They think that it’s all about going with your friends and getting drunk and then just start playing it unprofessionally without any supervision.

Fret not guys! These assumptions are totally wrong, and it’s quite tough to bring people out of such perceptions.


Fortunately, there’s no such issue as assumed by people. Most of the clubs are properly liquor licensed that denies all false stories and proves that these two can safely co-exist.

The clubs are providing coaches with proper supervision who takes care of the patrons’ activities, and a complete set of rules and regulations have been premised before playing the sport.

Moreover, there has not been a single case reported regarding any injurious situation.

The perfect combination

Drinking alcohol, beer or other drink in clubs have been a regular way of spending spare time and relaxing.

The association of serving alcohol with an exciting sport has proven tremendous not only by making business for the clubs and leagues but also encouraging people to participate in this pleasurable activity.


Serving alcohol with this growing sport really adds up to the relaxing atmosphere that makes people pause their worries and just enjoy their time.

The clubs and leagues have limited alcohol consumption to ensure the safety of the participants and to make sure they participate actively.

Who wants to say ‘no’ to playing an enjoyable sport with a drink in hand?

Definitely no one! So, you are going to have a great time as long as you follow the rules.

The fun fact

Whether you are celebrating a birthday party, Christmas or any other occasion with your fellows and friends, it would be overwhelming to cherish those moments with a drink and a sport.

Celebrating your happiness this way adds to your occasions and is very empowering.

The fun fact is, you are even offered amazing discounts on drinks by playing this sport at several clubs and bars.

Hit the target, make the points and enjoy the drink.

Isn’t that amazing?

If you are a club-freak, nothing could be more relaxing than having an atmosphere where you can enjoy your drink and play with your friends.

Even if you don’t want to play, there’s still an eye-catching site for you to hold a glass of beer and watch people play.

If combining an axe-handling with alcohol sounds a terrible idea for you, you are certainly mistaken.

On the contrary, it’s such an excellent stress-relieving co-existence and definitely makes you come again and again.

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