Is Axe throwing safe? What Could Go Wrong?

Axe throwing is one of the fastest growing sport since the past few years and is getting off the ground specifically in the United States.

An incredible sport that has been initiated and appreciated in many local bars around the corner is definitely on a growth ladder.

An axe is thrown at a target by the patrons to score a perfect goal and is just like an updated version of bowling.

A woman named Krista Paton, 35 years of age from Philadelphia brought this sport in the US and is given the whole credibility for this amazing sport.

People are swooning over this incredible fun sport as the best way of spending their evening and is trending nationwide.

Despite the fun element of axe throwing activity, people often panic to play with axes as they fear to get hurt. Fret not!

Axe throwing is popping up in different regions across the globe for a good reason, and you have to get over the surpassing danger that crosses your mind to enjoy this gaming to the fullest.

The best part is, under proper supervision and a good guiding coach, you can have so much fun safely without any fear crossing your mind!

Axe throwing is definitely a safe sport as long as you follow safety guidelines. You must look into some safety measures to have stress-free gaming:

Use of standard material

The well reputable gaming clubs will provide with the axes up to the standard marking.

They won’t compromise on quality and must double-check if the axe is in a proper well-maintained condition and is not broken from anywhere.

Axes are made sharp enough by the axe coaches before beginning the sport to ensure a proper hit to the target but not razor blade sharp that might cause you harm.

The architecture of the place

Whoever offers this fun activity makes your safety their utmost priority.

A stress-free environment is created by the clubs and bars providing this fun-filled sport.

To keep axes and throwers in a proper space, fences are built to block each lane, and one pair of competitors are allowed inside the fence each time to continue gaming.

Throwing range

An appropriate throwing range is set up to assure the safety of competitors.

An individual is guided to maintain a distance of around 12 feet from the target.


A side-by-side match between two players is played simultaneously with proper safety as both the markers are around 6 feet apart.

Experts and coaches

The gaming has become much secured and guarded with the proper guidance from axe throwing coaches.

They not only check the initials before proceeding with the gaming but also teach you the right way to do this activity.

Coaches direct you through the entire tournament and guide you with throwing techniques and safety guidelines so that you enjoy your gaming without any hassle.

What could be better than throwing an axe like a pro?

Even if you are planning for this social fun-filled gaming with your friends and you want to practice axe throwing by yourself to win over the tournaments, some safety tips would be of great help if they are taken into consideration under controlled conditions.

Safety tips

There are many different types of axes available in the market. When you are going for the first time for throwing axes, you don’t need to buy your own axes.

You need to get proper training for becoming an expert in it. You can get the help of the coach, as they are available at every axe throwing clubs.

These clubs have the ideal axes for everyone and have a smooth grip, so you don’t need to buy your own axe in the beginner phase.

There are some of the essential things that should remember before starting the practice.

  • The handle of the axe should be clean to provide you with the proper grip. If the handle is slippery you can lose the grip, and that may cause serious injury. So clean the handle of the axe before starting the game.
  • The blade of the axe should be sharped enough to fix in the target; if the blade is flat it cannot fix on the target or slip away. The blade should be rust free; if the blade is rotten from the sides it can be dangerous to use. The sharp blade of the axe can hit on the exact target.
  • Make sure the handle of the axe should have a smooth grip to provide comfort to the user. The game is highly depended on the firm grip of the axe. Check the grip and the bandage of the handle carefully if they are lose then replace the axe or the grip.
  • The head of the axe should be strong enough for using again and again. If the head is weak is can be a break after a few tries or slipped out from the handle or cause injury. The head should be properly fixed; you can check it with your hands to ensure safety.

Safety equipment

There is some equipment that you must carry with you when you are going to play the game.

You should be wearing gloves to provide you comfort and the proper grip.

The gloves can also protect your hands from the wood handle.

The goggles can protect your eyes during the practice.

And you should wear comfortable clothes in which you can easily stretch your arms for throwing the axe.


The axe throwing is the safest game than people think of it.

It seems frightening to people when they watch it, but it is safe to play after proper education or training.

However, you need a proper place to play this cheap and interesting game.

There is the number of certified axe throwing bars in the world, and this game is getting popular day by day.

The clubs have trained staff that can help the beginner to learn the game.

The clubs have the proper place and all the safety equipment available so that you can enjoy the game in a reasonable amount.

It is an exciting game when you are playing with your friends and is most popular in the United States of America.

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