What is Flying Axe Sport – A beginner’s Guide

Many people think that flying axe sport is not a safe recreational activity in which you can participate because they are of the view that axe throwing is all about throwing a powerful material or object towards the target.

Obviously, this makes sense but if this type of sport is done properly, it will be considered as one of the most exciting as well as thrilling sports. Every person can throw axe on the target.

For this purpose, you just need to have a standard axe whose length is approximately 12 inches to 16 inches.

The weight of the axe should be a few pounds between 1.35 pounds and 1.85 pounds. You do not need to throw a large axe for the tiebreaker.

The target for throwing axe should be approximately 14 feet away from the line where you are going to throw the axe.

Do you want to learn how to throw an axe correctly? Are you curious to learn everything about the flying axe sport? Do you want to know the steps to keep in mind while throwing an axe to keep you safe?

If yes, then you are completely at the right place and reading the right guide. This is the guide that you need!

Because today’s post is all about the flying axe sport – the rules and regulations, the history, the important steps, the ways to keep safe while throwing axe. Let’s explore this together.

Flying Axe Sport is a FUN ACTIVITY. By reading this guide, you will definitely fall in love with Axe Throwing!

Flying Axe Sport | History

If you want to learn to throw axes recreationally, first you need to know the history of throwing axes. There have been axes as well as the hatchets for over a million years. But the throwing axe was originated back in the 5th century.

This was the time when a north-eastern European tribe, known as Franks, started to use it as a weapon. Later in human history, various types of throwing axes evolved and every soldier started to use in it the battles.

In the middle ages, the most common type of throwing axe was named as Franziska whereas Tomahawks which is a special type of hatchet was a weapon of the battle for the Native Americans of North America.

Believe me, these tomahawks, as well as Franziska, are still used by many soldiers!

Apart from the war stuff, throwing axes for the recreational purpose has also its origin in history.

Many years back, Fly axe sport was introduced in Europe. Afterward, in the 19th century, this activity gained much popularity when the forest workers started to throw the axes towards the target that was self-made for the purpose of having some fun activity.

In modern times, the activity of flying axe sport was held in Canada due to which the craze for axe throwing became more popular in the United States.

Nowadays, this axe throwing activity has gained so much popularity that two associations have been made specifically to facilitate this sport to help the axe throwing clubs to hold competitions.

One is NATF (National Axe Throwing federation) and the other association is WATL (World Axe Throwing League).

Flying Axe Sport | the Rules

Now, let’s consider the rules of axe throwing. In axe throwing, the thrower has to throw an axe towards the target which consists of three circles of various sizes and colors. These include:

  • A blue circle of large size
  • A red circle of medium size
  • A black colored bull’s eye

One important rule of this sport is that a person throwing an axe can get only one point if he throws it directly in the blue circle.

Similarly, he gets three points and five points if he throws in the red circle and the bull’s eye respectively.

If the player throws an axe in between the two circles, then the judges have to make it clear and give the award points on the basis of where the axe is thrown. In a flying axe sport, each player is given five throws.


For the purpose of taking a match, out of three, each thrower need to win two games. If the thrower hits the green dots which are above the target, then he will get seven points.

One important rule of this sport is that each player should throw the axe at his own pace and before getting the axe back, he must wait for the opponents to complete their throw. This is usually done for safety purpose.

Things needed for Axe Throwing

Following points highlight the things that are needed for axe throwing:

  • A Throwing Axe

The first and foremost thing that you need for flying axe sport is a throwing axe. There are many different types of axes that are available at the axe throwing centers. Just pick the best type of axe.

  • A Suitable Target

After getting an axe, you need to set a suitable target at which you can throw your axe. For outdoor competitions, you can go for the targets that are made from the tree-trunks. But for indoor axe throwing activity, you can use various boards made from wood.

  • A Professional Expert

In flying axe sport, your safety should be your number one priority. For this purpose, to have an enjoyable experience of axe throwing, you need the axe throwing training by some professional expert to learn the safety standards even if you are doing this activity indoors.

Major kinds of axes

There are various kinds of axes that are used in flying axe sport. These axes are used for different purposes. Today, in this guide, we will get you covered with the major kinds that are mostly used for axe throwing purpose. These include:

  • Tomahawks
  • Forest Axes or Hatchets
  • Double bit axes
  • Splitting Axes

Let’s get started and discuss them one by one.

  • Tomahawks

Tomahawks are one of the most common types of throwing axes. They were used by Native Americans for the purpose of hunting. They were also used in battles. These days, Tomahawk is considered to be a tool that can be used for multiple purposes such as cutting the branches of trees, cutting bushes, for recreational use, etc. They are also used in some operations of the war.

  • Forest Axes or Hatchets

This is the most common type that you can use for recreational purpose. The reason is forest axes or hatchets are usually light in weight. So, a beginner can have ease in throwing this axe.


In addition to that, you can use this type of axe for cutting the tree branches.

  • Double bit axes

As the name suggests, double bit axe is a combination of two axes, a hatchet as well as a small felling axe. This type of axe was typically used by the forest workers when they tried to throw the axe towards the target that was self-made for the purpose of having some fun activity. As double bit axes feature two axes, so you do not need to carry two axes.

Nowadays, double bit axes are used for outdoor axe throwing activities and proper competitions are held using these axes.

  • Splitting Axes

As the names suggests, splitting axes are used to split the wood into the pieces.


This is the most common type of axe that is used today.

Steps for throwing an axe

In flying axe sport, the process of throwing an axe is quite simple and easy. Following points explain the step by step instructions to throw an axe towards the target.

  • Holding the axe tightly

The first and foremost step of throwing an axe to the target is to hold it tightly. By doing this, you will not be able to let the axe fall from your hands. Moreover, for a good throw, you need to point the blade of the axe towards the target and put your hand over its handle. You can throw an axe using your one hand but for the beginners, it is better to throw an axe with both hands to get an accurate throw.

  • Stand in a proper position

After holding the axe tightly, it is the time to stand in a proper position. For this purpose, if you are going to throw an axe with your right hand, you need to put your right foot on the front side. But, if you throw an axe with your left hand, then it becomes important to put your left foot on the front side and place more weight on that. By doing so, you can accurately throw towards the target.

  • Be prepared to throw the axe

The last step in throwing an axe is to be prepared. You can set your position by bringing an axe over the head as well as by pointing the blade of the axe towards the target. Moreover, you need to bend a little for throwing an axe.

To sum up

Throwing an axe is a fun task that needs training as well as proper tools.




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