What Kind of Wood is Used for Axe Throwing?

Axe-throwing has been considered a steeped sport that goes back to ancient times invented by Celts in Europe.

Needless to say, this exciting sport is revolutionized in modern times and has particularly taken hold in various parts of the world, eminently in Canada and the United States.

Many popular associations exist today that facilitate and support the competitions held in axe throwing clubs.

So basically, axe-throwing is everywhere and for everyone.

Finding the best wood for axe has been a crucial aspect since ancient times because it was fantasized by men for centuries to perform multiple purposes.

No matter how beautiful the axe looks, if it is made from the wrong species, it doesn’t make sense.


An axe is both a tool and a weapon, and it is very crucial to ensure the right wood must be used for the handle of axe for safety premises.

A strong and durable wood used for axe-making will not only make it safe to be used by a person but will also increase the longevity of the axe.

If the wood used is of poor quality, You will have to undergo its replacement, again and again, that would definitely be frustrating.

Choosing the right species wood for axe will not only be helpful but will also increase its life span and get you free from extensive repair procedures.

There are many different types of wood can be used in the axe throwing game.

But there some commonly used woods and parts of the woods in axe throwing are discussed below.


Planks from the woods

The targets can be made from the wooden boards and the different parts of the woods. The target would be made from the round shape wood.

The planks would have the 6 feet in the length or have the round cut of 2 inches thick and 12-inch radius.

The planks are not the best targets but can be used in axe throwing for playing at home. The planks are cheap and can be found easily.

Log Rounds

The logs are the favorite targets among the clubs; they are wider and have a long life.

The logs are best for commercial use; you can renew them by cutting them from the face or can be used from the back used also.

Logs can be used from both sides; you can change the side after using the one side.


The logs have the capacity of surviving the throwing axe, they cannot be easily cracked.

The logs used in competitions because there are numbers of the people playing at the time and they can survive for a longer time period than other parts of the woods.

Types of the Wood

There are different types of woods used by peoples according to their level of expertise.

Some experts like hardwood to play on it, but the softwood is used on a regular basis.

The cottonwood is commonly used axe throwing game.

It can soak the moister and heal the cracks. The dart boards are also made from the cottonwood because this wood can heal itself.

It is cheap and easily available in the market.

The axe throwing clubs used cottonwood targets, because of its strength and lightweight.


It can easily be converted into a target shape by the use of simple hand tools.



The pinewood is famous for its strength and elasticity.

The pinewood is used in furniture making, it can be easily processed and transform into different shapes.

It soaked the moisture and heals the cracks by itself.

It can be easily available in the market and best for using in axe throwing game.


The palm wood is strong and has great strength.

It can be easily recycled and used in furniture making.

The wood required effective cutting skills due they are large in size. The palm wood is flexible and bears the pressure easily.

It has the number of wood knots due to its heavy growth, besides he knots its strength enhances its value.

It has a high intensity of moisturizing which can be dangerous for it because the fungal decay can start quickly.

You have processed it and have the treatment for using it in most places.

It is expensive and cannot found easily, but it is best for making target in the axe throwing game.


It is the most famous wood used in European countries.

They are large and have straight growth. They have softwood and have lightweight.

It has good strength properties, so it is used in assembling the interior or especially used in making musical instruments.


It is also used for making decorative products due to its strength and light color.

It is best for making targets in axe throwing but is not easily available in the market.



Poplar is the most famous type of wood. It is commonly used around the world for making papers. It has tight grains structure and has lightweight.

It can be easily processed with the help of machines and hand tools. It is cheap and easily available in the wooden market.

It has normal strength properties but can be used for a supportive role in manufacturing things. It is best for making a cheap target for axe throwing for playing at home.


Plywood is used to made panels or sheets. It can be used for multipurpose, can be used for interior and exterior manufacturing.

It has strong bonding when it is processed to form sheets. It cannot soak moister and can’t have the properties to heal the cracks by it.

It is known as the high impact resistance wood because it has the ability to carry the overload.

It can survive in most places due to its laminated nature. It is cheap and commonly used in the flooring purpose.

It can be used for making targets for playing axe throwing game. But it can only be used for the beginners who want to practice at home. Is cheap and easily available.


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